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In with the Old and Out Comes the New!

Get ready for a new era with Procare v10. Learn how to prepare your data and convert from version 9.1 to Procare v10.


Before You Begin

Ready, Set, Go!

Basic steps for converting to Procare v10 are outlined here.

1. Get Ready
Prepare Your 9.1 Data so it is ready for conversion.

2. Get Set
Download and run the EXPORT utility from within Procare 9.1 to create a conversion file (explained in the Conversion instructions Download).

3. Go!
Run the built-in IMPORT utility to import data from the conversion file to Procare v10 (download instructions above). See special instructions to Convert Tuition Express.

4. Review
Review the Data in v10 making changes or additions as needed. If you have the Expenses & Ledger module see the article on Beginning Balances After Conversion.