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In the case of White Listed Firewall exceptions, Procare Cloud will need to be able to access some websites directly. It is advisable to do this BEFORE installing.

The following is a list of the websites to add to the whitelist.

Procare Remote Server URL Exception Required for:
https://www.procareonline.com All Procare Installations
http://www.procareonline.com All Procare Installations
http://procaremedia.com All Procare Installations
http://procaresoftware.com All Procare Installations
https://services.procareonline.com All Procare Installations
http://cdn.procaresoftware.com All Procare Installations
https://s3.amazonaws.com/cdn.procaresoftware.com All Procare Installations


IP Range TCP Ports (*see note) 8433 and 40,000 – 56,000 8433 and 40,000 – 56,000

*Note: Port 8433 is always required; however, the second port is assigned automatically at the time your Cloud database is created. Contact Tech Support if you need to know the exact port number for your installation.