Error on “Child All Enrollment Status” Data View


When using Data Viewer to run the new view called Child All Enrollment Status, you get the following error: “SQL Server Connectivity Issue – String or binary data would be truncated. The statement has been terminated.”
SQL Server Connectivity Issue


This happens when one or more of your Child Relationships descriptions is more than 25 characters long. Most descriptions, like “Mother” or “Father” are short; however, something like “Neighbor, Friend, Acquaintance”—all entered as one long description—would cause the error to occur.

Error on “Child All Enrollment Status” Data View

Steps to Solve this Issue:

A temporary workaround for this issue is to shorten any long descriptions for Child Relationships to be 25 characters or less.

  1. From the Procare Home screen go to Configuration > System > Data Management > Status & Relationships and double-click Child Relationships.
  2. Look for any items under the Description heading that appear to be long. Hint: You may need to scroll down or use the Report button to print a complete list.
    Child Relationships Description is Too Long
  3. Change any long descriptions so they are 25 characters or less. Then, click Save > Exit.

Long-Term Fix:

Procare is working on a long-term fix, so that the Data View called Child All Enrollment Status can accomodate longer descriptions. We expect this fix to be in our next regularly scheduled update.