Export reports from Procare and then import those files to KidReports so there’s no need to manually re-enter family, child and teacher information into KidReports. This is a temporary method until integration with KidReports (for Procare Cloud customers) becomes available. Procare customers with a local (non-Cloud) installation may also use this method to export data.

Export Reports to Excel

  1. From the main screen of Family Data go to Reports > Standard Reports.
    Reports -> Standard Reports image
  2. From there, you’ll export 3 reports:
    1. Parent Info – From Standard Reports, go to Family Data > Account Information > Account Information Sheet.
    2. Child Info – From Standard Reports, go to Family Data > Filtered Reports > Child Birthday-Age Summary.
    3. Teacher Info – From Standard Reports, go to Employee Data > Filtered Reports > Birthday-Age Summary.
  3. Pick a Date Range for the report (usually This Week).
  4. Choose Run Report.
  5. With the Report Viewer on screen, click the Export Report icon (second from left).
    Export Report Button
  6. At the Export Report screen:
    1. Choose a convenient location to save the report, such as your computer’s Desktop.
    2. Type a File Name, like “Account Info Sheet” for the parent information.
    3. IMPORTANT! From the Save as Type menu, select Microsoft Excel (97-2003) (*.xls).
      Export to Excel format
  7. Contact KidReports for information and assistance on importing this data to KidReports.
  8. Repeat these steps as needed (when new families enroll or others leave) to keep the information in KidReports up to date.