It depends on whether you use Contract Billing Cycles (fixed weekly, monthly rates) or Billing Formulas (calculated hourly, daily rates, etc.)

  1. Contract Cycles:
    1. To change the amount charged for all families from this point forward, go to Standard Amounts. Click a tab at the top, like Tuition Charge, enter the new amounts and click Save.Contract Cycles:
      Note: If you wish to “grandfather in” current families at the old rate, STOP HERE. Any time you select these descriptions in the future (in a Child’s Billing Box or Account Ledger), the new rates will appear, but existing families will still be at the old rate.
    2. To update existing families to the new rates, use the arrow on the Update button to update all rates or just the selected rate. This will change the Billing Boxes of all children.
  2. Billing Formulas:
    1. Edit the Billing Formula you want changed. The formula’s rate is usually at the top of the billing formula builder screen as in the example below.
    2. If you have entered individual rates using a Variable for certain children (which takes precedent over the rate in the formula), it would be necessary to go to the Billing Box for each of those children to change the Value (amount).