Welcome to Procare!

This article explains how to download and install Procare on your own computer or network. This is not for Procare Cloud customers.

Before You Begin

  1.  Decide which computer will be the main one (“server”). Install Procare on that computer first.
  2.  Verify the computer meets the Procare System Requirements; for example, you cannot install on a domain controller.
  3. Verify the computer is current with all Microsoft Windows Updates.

Download and Install Procare

Download Software

  1. Choose: Run setup.exe (this may appear at the bottom of your Internet browser’s screen).
  2. Click Yes to allow Procare to make changes to the computer.
  3. Follow the Basic Installation instructions. Your Installation Key Number is on the letter you received from Procare.

Your Next Steps

  1. Login for the first time.
  2. Install Procare on any other machines that you will be using. Make sure your “main” computer is on at this time.

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