For Procare Cloud Customers: We’ll convert your data to Procare from SchoolLeader. Follow these instructions ONLY if you received a link to this page from Procare; otherwise, please Contact Procare Support for assistance.

Step 1: Prepare Your Data

Prepare the data in your current program so it is ready for conversion.

These steps are specific to SchoolLeader:

  1. Close your Deposits in SchoolLeader.
  2. Immunizations/Vaccinations: If you are converting from SchoolLeader, please make sure the Student Vaccine Schedule has each shot in a sequence named exactly the same; for example, you’ll want 3 occurrences of DTap to be named DTap, DTap, DTap (all the same) and not DTap1, DTap2, DTap3 (all different). This applies to each of your Vaccine Descriptions. To get there in SchoolLeader, go to Families > Student Vaccine Compliance > Edit Student Vaccine Schedule. For details see: SchoolLeader Help – Vaccine Schedules.
    SchoolLeader Vaccine Schedule

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These steps apply to all conversions:

  1. We recommend you confirm that your current family information is complete and correct:
    • Verify spelling
    • Verify parent email address
    • Make sure the date of birth has been entered for each child
  2. Active/Inactive Families: Make sure all families are correctly marked as active or inactive or whatever terminology your current program uses. Procare will convert any family with an enrolled child as an active family.
  3. Started/Dis-Enrolled Dates: These dates determine if a child comes over as Enrolled, and if the family will be displayed as Active/Visible:
    • All enrolled children must have a “Started” date.
    • If you have any children listed as enrolled who are not expected to attend in the future, you must enter a past “Dis-Enrolled”  date to prevent the family from being converted as active.
    • All withdrawn children should have a past “Dis-Enrolled” date, even if the family is inactive.
  4. Separate People: Each parent/guardian should be entered as their own separate person. In other words, don’t enter a married couple as though they are a single person named “John & Mary Smith”. Enter them as “John Smith” and “Mary Smith”.
  5. Payer Order: If your current program has one sibling with parent A as “primary” guardian, and the other sibling has parent B listed as “primary” guardian, Procare will convert them to 2 separate family ledger/accounts.
  6. Employment Dates: Make sure all staff members have a hire date. For staff who have left, they should have a termination date.

Step 2: Back Up and Update Your SchoolLeader

  1. As a precaution, make a backup in SchoolLeader.
  2. Install the latest version of SchoolLeader. Follow that program’s instructions for how to update.

Step 3: The Procare Team Will Help Get Your Data Converted

We’ll get the files needed to convert your data during a scheduled session with you.

Step 4: Install Procare Cloud

  1. Download and install Procare Cloud. You’ll need the Installation Key Number from your “Welcome” email.
  2. You’ll receive a setup call from Procare. Refer to your email for specifics.
    1. We’ll help you:
      1. log in for the first time.
      2. configure and set up Procare
      3. validate the data that converts over
    2. And schedule a time for your live webinar training.

Next Steps

Now that your data has been converted, you’re ready to learn how to set up and use Procare..