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Exclusively for Procare Cloud customers! Use Procare’s free KidReports Extra to synchronize family, child and staff information in Procare with KidReports.


Data Entry Requirements
School Email Address
When is information from Procare synced with KidReports?
Download the KidReports Extra
Getting There
Choose Locations, Lite or Full, and Transmit


You must be a current Procare Cloud customer with the following modules:

  1. Family Data (required)
  2. Employee Data (required)
  3. Attendance Tracker (recommended) to take advantage of additional integration features expected in spring 2018.

Data Entry Requirements

Family, teacher, and classroom information is entered in Procare. It is particularly important that parent and child names are spelled correctly. Misspellings will cary over to KidReports and appear on daily sheets. Changes and corrections must be made in Procare and are updated the following day in KidReports when the data is synced.

The following information must be entered in Procare before using the KidReports Extra:

  1. Family Data:
    1. Parents must be set up as “payers” on their account(s) and have an email address.
    2. Children must be currently “enrolled” and have a Primary Classroom.
  2. Employee Data: Teachers must be “currently employed” and have a Primary Work Area. The teacher can be assigned to additional rooms within KidReports.

School Email Address

You must have the appropriate email address set in Procare for each center that will use KidReports. This is the email KidReports will use to send your next steps with links to instructions and videos.

To confirm your email address is correctly set:

  1. From the Procare Home screen go to Configuration > System > Locations & Users.
  2. Dbl-click Regions & Schools.
  3. Click the plus sign (+) next to the Region Code to see all schools in that region.
  4. Click just once on the name of the school to select it (do not double-click).
  5. Click Edit (bottom of screen).
    Edit Button
  6. On the Edit School Information screen:
    1. Confirm the email address is correct or enter one if it is blank.
      Edit School Email Address
    2. Click Save > Exit. You’ll return to the Regions and Schools screen.
  7. Repeat step #6 for all other schools that will use KidReports.

When is information from Procare synced with KidReports

At 1:00 a.m. Pacific Time each morning, all new families/staff and relevant changes to existing families/staff are updated, so that KidReports has the current information from Procare.

Download the KidReports Extra

  1. Log on to your computer with local administrator privileges and close all programs, including Procare.
  2. Download
  3. When installation is complete, restart Procare.

Getting There

From the Procare Home screen go to Utilities > Procare Extras > KidReports.
Procare's KidReports Extra (add-on)

Choose Standard or Lite, Select Locations, and Transmit

You’ll only need to run the KidReports extra one time, to establish your KidReports account and the connection with Procare.

On the KidReport Extra screen:

  1. Choose the version of KidReports you want to use (Standard or Lite). See: Feature Comparison.
    KidReports: Select Standard or Lite Version
  2. Next, choose the location(s) that will use KidReports.
    Select Schools for use with KidReports
  3. Click Submit. The information will be transmitted to KidReports.
    Submit Procare info to KidReports
  4. You’ll receive an email from KidReports with your next steps and links to instructions and videos.