Getting Started With Procare

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First Time Log In

Once you Log In for the First Time, the Setup Wizard will guide you through the very first steps—then you’ll be ready to:

  1. Enter Family and Child Information
  2. Set Up Family Accounting

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Getting Started with Family Data

Configure Family Data: Before entering family and child information you’ll want to configure at least some of the overall “Data Management” settings that affect all families like classroom names. Other items such as re-usable schedule templates, tracking categories, enrollment status and immunization requirements you may set up now or come back to later.

Family Information: Once you’ve set up the basic System Configuration settings you’re ready to begin entering families and children.

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Family and Child Data

Getting Started with Family Accounting

Overview: Family Accounting is the place to track all charges, payments and credits for families as well as to set up recurring fees and run automated billing procedures.  In Family Accounting you’ll also generate financial reports for your business, easily track the amount each family owes, and print statements and receipts for families as well.

Configure Family Accounting: Before entering accounting information for individual families you’ll need to configure the overall “Accounting Management” settings that affect all families like tuition categories and standard rates.

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Family Accounting

Getting Started with Agency Accounting

Overview: This article outlines the steps for set up and use of Agency Accounting such as: configuring agencies, assigning agencies to families, charging fees to agencies and parent copays, and processing agency payments.

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Agency Accounting

Getting Started with Tuition Express

Overview: Imagine collecting your child care tuition payments with just a few clicks of a mouse. Getting your money on time, every time could not be easier. Tuition Express is the easiest and safest way to collect tuition for childcare, daycare or preschool. Tuition Express is an add-on service to the Procare Software Family Data & Family Accounting modules, and each payment is posted automatically into Procare Software.

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Tuition Express

Getting Started with Attendance Tracking

Overview: Attendance Tracker lets you record hours for children and/or staff (with Employee Data), charge attendance based fees, and import staff hours to Payroll Checks. You may send messages to parents when they check children in and display recent accounting history, immunizations due, etc.

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Attendance Tracker

Getting Started with Meal Tracker

Overview: Set up standard items needed for tracking meal counts such as which meals you serve and the times they are served. Then move on to creating menus.

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Meal Tracker

Getting Started with Employee Data

Overview: Employee Data & Payroll Overview covers adding a new employee and maintaining all staff related information including hire dates, schedules, time cards, benefit hours and immunization records.

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Employee Data

Getting Started with Payroll

Overview: Payroll is the module where withholdings and allowances are set up for each employee and where paychecks are calculated and printed. You may also generate tax deposit reports and other payroll reporting information.

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Getting Started with Expenses and Ledger

Overview: The Expenses & Ledger module is the place to set up vendors, record expenses, reconcile your checkbook and print overall financial reports that include data from Family Accounting and Payroll too.

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Expenses and Ledger

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The A-Z Guide for Getting Started with Procare

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The A-Z Guide for Getting Started with Procare

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The A-Z Guide for Getting Started with Procare

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