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Yes. You may choose how hours on time cards and reports should be displayed. Select either HH:MM (hours and minutes) format to display two-and-a-half hours as 2:30 (2 hrs 30 minutes), or HH.HH (decimal format) to display 2.50 hours.

  1. From the Procare Home screen go to Configuration > System > Locations & Users > Regions & Schools.
  2. Select a Region (or School location) > click Set Options.
  3. From the “General” section (left side) look under “Standard Optons” (right side). The setting is called Display Time Span.

Note: Some screens and reports will display HH.HH format regardless of the setting selected because the column of numbers must add up at the bottom. Example: At the check-in screen, employees will always see decimal format.