Payroll Report Inconsistencies


In specific circumstances (see cause below), you may find that earnings and withholdings on certain payroll reports do not show the expected amounts. This may occur on any report that includes both earnings and withholdings.


This will happen only if you post and print checks on different days—and choose a Date Range for the report that does not include both the Post Date and Print Date. With the recent release of version 2018.6, earnings are now based on Print Date (date of issue), while withholdings are based on Post Date (date of entry).

Work Around

While we work on a long-term solution, the best course of action is for you to either:

  1. Post and print checks on the same day (so the dates match) – or –
  2. Make sure the Date Range of your report is broad enough to include both the date checks were posted and the date they were printed.