Procare Cloud Slowdown


During peak times some Cloud customers are seeing delays when parents attempt to check children in/out. This is most often experienced as a delay between the time a parent uses their fingerprint (or PIN plus password) and the time the children’s name appears on the screen. A white screen sometimes appears during this delay. In extreme cases the delay may cause the check-in/out program to close (it may say “disconnected from licensing’), in which case the check-in program must be restarted.


Temporary Solutions:

  • One workaround is to use the Receptionist Check-In feature, rather than having parents check the children in—during times of heavy use.
  • Another option is to use printed sign-in sheets (go to Reports > Standard Reports > Family Data > Sign In/Out Sheets) and later record the times using either Batch Check In/Out (for either “In” or “Out” times) or Batch Post Time Card (for both “In” and “Out” at the same time).

Updated 12/12/2018. Additional servers have been added to Procare Cloud and we are systematically spreading customers out across these new servers. This will greatly improve the check-in experience and overall performance of using Procare on the Cloud. These changes will take place automatically, each Sunday evening through January, 2019, without any action required on your part. This page will be updated as more information becomes available. Thank you for your patience as we resolve this issue.