Biometric ID Pad (fingerprint reader)

The Fingerprint Reader

Overview: The Biometric ID Pad is used with Procare Check-in Solutions. To use, you simply place your finger on the glowing window, and the reader quickly and automatically scans your fingerprint.

Fingerprint Reader
How to Install the Fingerprint Reader

In this short video, learn how to connect the fingerprint reader, confirm it is recognized by your check-in computer, and enable the software settings so authorized child pickups may begin using it.


  • Install the Fingerprint Reader

View the ‘Install fingerprint reader’ Video

How to Clean the Fingerprint Reader

Depending on the amount of use, the reader window will pick up dirt and salts from fingers over time and will need to be cleaned periodically.


  • Cleaning instructions

View the ‘Cleaning the fingerprint reader’ Article

How to Properly Use the Fingerprint Reader

You may use any finger (or thumb) with the Fingerprint Reader, however, your index finger of either hand will work best. Always place the pad of your finger (not your fingertip) flat onto the center of the reader’s clear window. Do not “roll” your finger. Apply gentle pressure, similar to pushing a button. Hold your finger on the reader for up to one-and-a-half seconds or until you see the reader’s light blink, then lift your finger. You should press firmly and release. Do not press and hold your finger for an extended period.

Will Scratches, Smears and Dust Affect the Fingerprint Reader

Yes. Scratches, pokes or other physical damage to the window coating can compromise the system’s ability to recognize fingerprints. Such damage cannot be repaired. Please contact your sales representative for information on purchasing a replacement unit.

How is the Fingerprint Stored

Your actual fingerprint is not recorded and the system does not store any fingerprint images. Instead, the software extracts the unique features of each fingerprint and creates a mathematical representation, called a “fingerprint template”. This template can only be used to identify you for check in/out purposes. It cannot be used to recreate the original fingerprint. To further secure the template, it is encrypted. For these reasons there are no privacy issues nor any identity theft exposure.

How to Install the Fingerprint Reader Drivers

Download drivers for use with the Digital Persona Biometric ID (fingerprint) readers used with Procare Software. Only use these drivers if directed to do so by a member of the Procare Technical Support team.

View the ‘Digital Persona Drivers’ Article

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Need Some Training?

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Need Some Training?

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