Keyless Entry System

The Keyless Entry System

Overview: The Procare Keyless Entry System limits access to your day care or similar child-centered business by allowing entry only to authorized staff and families.

Keyless Entry System
The Keyless Entry System Manual

Download or print the Keyless Entry System manual.

View the Keyless Entry System Manual

How to Install the Keyless Entry System Add-On

How to install software for the Keyless Entry System.


  • Wiring installation instructions
  • How to install the add-on

View the ‘Keyless Entry Installation’ Article

How to Assign Entry Codes

You’ll go to the Person Information screen for each person in Procare who will need a code to enter the building. This may include parents and other authorized pick up persons, as well as Procare Users and employees, and perhaps certain vendors such as those involved in maintenance, yard work or janitorial services. Later, you’ll also have the option to include Additional Codes for persons not entered in Procare.


  • How to assign codes

View the ‘Keyless Entry: Assign Codes’ Article

How to Transmit Codes to the Keypad

This article covers how to add Additional Codes, set Restricted Codes and Transmit Codes to the keypad.


  • How to transmit codes

View the ‘Keyless Entry: Transmit Codes to Keypad’ Article

Why Does the Door Not Open


  • How to troubleshoot the door not opening

View the ‘Trouble Shooting – Why Won’t the KES Door Open?’ Article

How Do People Enter Their Keyless Entry System ID Code


  • How to properly enter the Keyless Entry System ID codes

View the ‘How do people enter their Keyless Entry System ID code’ Article

Can Multiple Keyless Entry System Be Connected to a Single Computer


  • How to connect multiple Keyless Entry Systems to one computer.

View the ‘Connect Multiple Keyless Entry Systems to One Computer’ Article

How to Monitor Who Enters the Building

Use the Keyless Entry Monitor Codes feature to track each code as it is used to enter the building.


  • How to monitor who enters the building

View the ‘Keyless Entry: Monitor Codes’ Article

Is the Keyless Entry System UL Listed, Fire Rate, Etc.


  • Information on UL listing and fire rating

View the ‘Is the Keyless Entry System UL listed, fire rated, etc.’ Article

Are Sample Codes Included to Test the Keyless Entry System

Yes. The Keyless Entry System is preconfigured with an ID code of 2580. This code may be used for testing purposes prior to transmitting your own ID codes to the keypad. Once ID codes have been transmitted the test code is erased.

Can the Keyless Entry System Be Set to Operate Only During Business Hours

No. The Keyless Entry is intended to be used during normal business hours. We strongly recommend using a dead-bolt for after hours security. When using a dead-bolt a Disable Key Switch (described below) is not necessary.


  • Instruction on how to use a ‘Disable Key Switch’

View the ‘Can the Keyless Entry System be set to operate only during certain hours of the day’ Article

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Need Some Training?

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Need Some Training?

Schedule some time with a Procare Training Specialist.

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