Release date: February 2, 2012

  • New – Meal Tracker Report: Added the Weekly Classroom Meal Count known in Texas as “Alternate 1535”, but also useful for other states. This has been a much requested report! Thanks for your input.
  • New – Meal Counts: Process meal counts for an entire month, all at once, using the Daily Meal Tracker. Just click the Attend or Schedule buttons (to base counts on actual attendance or each child’s schedule) then select a date range, like This Month. This has been a much requested feature!
  • Enhanced – Check-In Screen:
    • Loads child information more quickly.
    • An on screen keyboard (OSK) is now built in, rather than relying on the Windows OSK. This is used when on a touch screen computer and entering an administrative password to access the Check-In Options screen, etc.
    • Authorized pickups now get a message indicating the door is opening, when used with a Procare Door Controller.
    • Added a Remote Assistance button when going to Check-In Options. This helps a Procare technician get connected to your computer, when needed for trouble shooting.
    • Added a Statistics button when going to Check-In Options. This is useful to help determine the cause of any possible delays when checking in.
    • There is no longer a separate Family Accounting option specifically to “Display Balances for” a certain length of time. Instead, the balance is automatically shown if Display Accounting is selected.
  • Enhanced – Reconcile Bank Accounts:
    • The date used for Bank Fees and Interest Earned now matches the “Statement Date” instead of using today as the date.
    • You can now sort checks by the Description column to make it easier to locate a particular check.
  • Enhanced – Data Viewer: Added the “Identification Number” field to the Child Information (Tracking) view.
  • Fixed – Employee Benefits: On the Balances tab corrected an issue with the way the starting balance was calculated when a particular date range was selected.
  • Fixed – Email: The email address of the sender now defaults to the school email address instead of the address of the person logged into Procare.
  • Fixed – Deny Entry Feature: Fixed an issue where the Deny Entry screen for one location would become locked if a user from another location was in the same screen.