Release date: December 10, 2014.

  • New – Employee Benefits: Added a report to Employee Data to show planned benefits, like vacations, doctor appointments, etc. Go to Reports > Standard Reports > Employee Data > Employee Benefit > Employee Benefit Detail (Planned).
  • Enhanced – Check-In Screen: Added the ability to play a sound when entry is denied. Go to Check-In Options > Sound. This affects pickup people for children on the Deny Entry List.
  • Enhanced – Vendor Check Calculation Screen: Changed the order of the Checkbook and Check Number fields so the Checkbook now comes first. This way the Check Number is selected after the Checkbook is chosen, instead of the reverse.
  • Enhanced – Scheduled Backups: Backups are now automatically turned on for Tuition Express customers. This does not apply if you use Procare Data Hosting or have your own SQL server.
  • Enhanced – Security Questions: Updated the verbiage on the Security Questions for Password Reset screen for clarity and to emphasize choosing questions with answers you will remember.
  • Fixed – Email Customer Statements: Corrected issue that caused error stating “The specified string is not in the form required for an e-mail address.” This could happen when attempting to email two payers on the same account and affected version 10.2.5415 only.
  • Fixed – Report “Child Enrollment Status History”: Fixed issue that caused the report to come up blank. This affected version 10.2.5415 only.
  • Fixed – Payroll Formulas: Fixed an issue where creating a new formula (using an existing formula as a template) could prevent the screen from being able to close if the name of the formula was not changed as the very first step.
  • Fixed – Vendor Checks: Fixed a minor issue with tabbing from field to field that occurred only when posting multiple checks to the same vendor, one right after another.