Release date: March 10, 2015 (March 11 for Data Hosting).

  • Fixed – Employee Benefits: Fixed an issue that prevented entering new Planned Benefits and resulted in a “Void ThrowKeyNotFoundException” error.
  • Fixed – Copy Day: Restored the capability to copy more than one set of in/out times (per day) on the Child Schedule Overrides & Absences screen and on Employee Benefits.
  • Fixed – Email Individual Reports: Corrected a problem when using Outlook for email that resulted in a “Could not find a part of the path” error.
  • Fixed – Email Tuition Express Accounts: Ability to record emails to the Account Log has been restored.
  • Fixed – Schedule Templates Report: Fixed an issue with the new “Child Schedule Templates In Use” report that would cause the error, “String length is less than 0 or not an integer.”, if there were no templates assigned to any children.
  • Fixed – User Limits: Corrected issue with blocking access to the Payroll Check Register.
  • Fixed – Child Care CRM: Fixed an issue with logging in CRM extra due to changes behind the scenes last build.