Release date: June 10, 2015 (June 22 for Data Hosting).

Tuition Express:

  • New – Menu: Tuition Express now has it’s own top-level menu at the main screen of Family Data & Accounting. It’s no longer under the Functions menu.


  • Enhanced – Credit Card Refunds: A message now indicates that refunds take 3-4 days to be credited to the card holder’s (parent’s) account.
  • New – Adding Families: When adding a new family account, you’ll be alerted if existing accounts are the same or similar (based on their Account Keys).



Standard Reports:

  • New – “Borrowed and Loaned Employees” report lists any staff members who are set up to work in more than one location. Go to Reports > Standard Reports > Employee Data > Employee Information.
  • New – “Immunization Count Detail” report shows which children make up the counts. Go to Reports > Standard Reports > Family Data > Immunization Summary.
  • Enhanced – Added ability to immunization reports by child’s age (oldest to youngest or youngest to oldest).
  • Enhanced – Deposit Reports: When items with different dates are in the same deposit, the lines alternate colors to indicate a change in date.


  • Enhanced – Check-In Alerts: The message “you are not eligible for check-in” now indicates a reason, so it’s easier to resolve.
  • Enhanced – Billing Box/Schedules: When a child has multiple schedules, the Billing Box now lists them with the newest schedule (by date) at the top.
  • Enhanced – Check-In Registration: Process has been reworked to address long delays when there are an extremely large number of family accounts.
  • Enhanced – Energy Settings: During installation, Procare will now detect and change energy-saving settings (also known as “power options”) that may cause issues, such as letting the hard drive go to sleep.
  • Fixed – Employee Benefits: When moving between tabs on the Employee Benefits screen (like Planned, Earned, Used), the date range now stays the same between tabs.