Release date: September 21, 2015 (Sept. 28 for Procare Cloud).


  • New – Email: Ability to right-click and copy an email address of a parent (payer) or employee directly from the main screens of Family Data and Employee Data.


  • New – User Groups & Limits: Added new limits so you may block people from sending email and/or text messages within Procare.


  • New – Child Info: Added ability to display a child’s Identification # (from their Person Information screen), their internal Person ID and internal Child ID (image below). To enable for existing users you must choose Reset Layout from the User Configuration screen and then Customize Child Info to add new items to the screen.


  • Family Data Reports:
  • New – Added new name-to-face style rollcall sheet. Go to Reports > Standard Reports > Family Data > Rollcall Sheets > Weekly: M-F, Name to Face.
  • Enhanced – Child Roster: Added ability to exclude enrollment date from the report. Go to Reports > Standard Reports > Family Data > Filtered Reports > Child: Roster w/Contact Info II.
  • Enhanced – Tuition Express: Point-of-sale receipt numbers are now shown in the Comment field of the Family Ledger Card.
  • Enhanced – Windows 10 Login: Added option to work around an on-going Microsoft issue that causes the screen to appear frozen on Windows 10. This is temporary until a permanent fix from Microsoft is available. Contact Support for details.
  • Enhanced – Data Viewer: Improved the way User Limits are handled with views and significantly improved the speed when loading views with large amounts of data.
  • Enhanced – Multiple instances of Procare: Issues with having Procare (or the check-in screen) open multiple times have been significantly improved.
  • Enhanced – Session Verification: Primarily for users of Terminal Services, we now run extra identification to verify the session ID of the process.
  • Fixed – Deposit Reports: Corrected issue where “View Current Deposit Report” could spin indefinitely or take an extremely long time to appear. Also improved performance when changing or closing a deposit report.
  • Fixed – Check Reconciliation: Fixed a reporting issue in Expenses & Ledger checkbook reconciliation that could happen when duplicate checks were posted (same check #, same amount, same date).
  • Fixed – Immunizations: Corrected issue where out-of-range dates could be entered.
  • Fixed – Color Themes: Corrected minor issues when selecting certain color themes.
  • Fixed – Hourglass: Fixed several areas where the cursor could be in hourglass mode while waiting for input.
  • Fixed – GDI+ Error when printing certain reports. This occurred after a Microsoft update on reports with graphical lines.