Release date: July 11, 2018

ALL CUSTOMERS (both Cloud and non-Cloud)

New – For Data Viewer

  • Added an Employee Time Card w/Pay Rate data view at the corporate level. This is a great way for centers with multiple locations to see hours worked by company, location or person, and it can easily be exported to spreadsheet format for further manipulation or analysis. From the Procare Home screen, go to Corporate Reports > Data Viewer > Employee Data > Employee Time Card w/Pay Rate. [ref: 12549]

    Download a sample Data View (.csv format) and learn how to use Data Viewer.
    Employee Time Card with Pay Rate

Enhanced – For Payroll: Pre-Tax Withholdings

  • User-created “general” withholdings can now be marked as exempt from each other. This is helpful in cases where one general withholding, such as a 401k, is exempt from another (a local or state tax)—like the Oregon Transit Tax. [ref: 13010]

    How to make a withholding pre-taxed.
    Mark One General Withholding as Exempt from Another

Fixed – Miscellaneous Items

  • Email: Solved an issue where trying to send email through Procare using older versions of Outlook (prior to Outlook 2013) caused an “Unable to load Outlook” error. [ref: 12863]
  • Dashboard: Fixed an issue where the Classroom Children Teacher Counts were being sorted in reverse order with out-of-ratio rooms at the bottom, rather than top, of the list. [ref: 12864]
  • Family Data: Solved an issue where choosing Edit Account resulted in the error “Sequence contains no matching element” in cases where the family had more than one child and the Account Filter was set so that one (or more) of the children was excluded from view. [ref: 13040]
  • Meal Tracker – School Menus: Solved an issue where printing a menu from within Configuration resulted in the error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”. This happened when going to Configuration > System > Data Management > Meals & Menus > School Menus > Print. [ref: 12894]
  • Payroll Check Calculation: Fixed an issue where manually typing hours in some fields (like ST, for straight time) added a trailing zero, so typing “12” resulted in “120”. [ref: 12876]
  • Payroll Withholding Editor: Fixed an issue where a percentage was only allowing 6 characters, even though the field was intended to accept 8 (7 digits and a decimal point in ###.#### format). [ref: 12976]


Fixed – For MyProcare

  • New Family Registration – Solved issues where parents would get the error “There was a problem saving your data” or “Houston, we’ve had a problem”, if the Question Manager had been used to create multi-choice questions without any answers to choose from. [ref: 12468]
  • Review & Import screen – Filtering Issues:
    • Solved an issue where choosing Clear Filter did not work as expected. Children who did not match the filter were still grayed out even after the filter was cleared. [ref: 12602]
    • Fixed an issue where the Age in Months filter stopped working when “or” was selected and no criteria was chosen by which to filter. [ref: 12611]