Release date: September 25, 2018


New! – For MyProcare (Cloud Customers)

New! – For Data Viewer (All Customers)

  • Create your own length-of-stay reports and get insight into available openings with this new enrollment status view. Fields include all enrollment statuses, start and end dates, days enrolled for each child across a time period, and more. From the main screen of Family Data & Accounting, go to Reports > Data Viewer > Family Data > Child All Enrollment Status. (Note: also available under Corporate Reports > Data Viewer.) [ref: 12688 and 12846]

    Download a sample Data View (.csv format) and learn how to use Data Viewer.
    Child Enrollment Status View

Enhanced – Account Search (All Customers)

  • Added the ability to search for an email address across all families and all locations at once. This is great tool when you manage multiple locations and want to find out who an email address belongs to and get to that family’s information quickly. [ref: 13537]

    Go to Utilities > Search All Locations > Account Search, and under Find, select Email Address.
    Search for Email Address

Other Enhancements – Miscellaneous (All Customers)

  • Letter Merge – Extended the length allowed for a link added to a letter to 255 characters to accommodate long links (URLs). Previously the limit was 50 characters. [ref: 12840]
  • Corporate Data Viewer – Added a unique identifier to authorized pickup people on the Child Time Card view, so that it would be easier to tell people apart who happen to have the same name. [ref: 12690]
  • Default Settings – On a fresh installation, a number of default configuraton settings were changed to accommodate the most frequently chosen settings for new customers. This will help get new customers up to speed more efficiently and eliminate the need to change common settings. A few examples of these settings include: text messaging networks, late payment description, agency payment description, time card rounding for children, bi-weekly billing cycle, GL account numbers for certain charges, first day of week, and more. [ref: 13459]



  • Fixed an issue where, in certain cases, items on the dashboard would apear with an orange or red X through them, for example, the Classroom Children Teacher Counts. [ref: 13531]
  • The Classroom Children Counts correctly showed rooms in red when the number of children checked in exceeded the maximum established for that room; however, those rooms were displayed at the bottom of the list, making them less noticeable (especially on a long list that required scrolling), when the intent was to make them more noticeable. Red rooms are now sorted to appear at the top of the list (as they did in previous releases of version 10.2). [ref: 13630]

Family and Child Information

  • Edit Account – Fixed an issue where clicking the Edit Account button would result in a “Sequence contains no matching element” error when the screen was filtered so that it did not display all children in the family. [ref: 13281]
  • Account Key/Billing Box – If a family had a comma in their account key, such as HARRIS,J, when trying to go to the Child Billing Box you could get a misleading error that said, “The given key was not present in the dictionary. You must define Cycles and Charge Descriptions before using the Billing Box.” [ref: 13542]
  • Immunizations – Fixed an issue where you could not type in the Comment field on the Child Immunizations and Requirements screen. [ref: 13284]
  • Immunizations – Configuring a due date far into the future caused immunization reports to give an error stating, “The conversion of a varchar data type to a smalldattime data type resulted in an out-of-range value.” To resolve this, there is now a limit that due dates—calculated as of today—must be less than 25 years (300 months) in the future; otherwise, a message appears to alert you to adjust the settings for that immunization or requirement. [ref: 13285]
  • Child Schedules – On the Child Schedule Review screen, days the center is closed (known as School Close Dates) were being counted as 24 hours, rather than 0 hours. [ref: 13544]
  • Tracking Items and User Defined Fields: Solved an issue where you could accidentally bypass the Exposure setting screen when creating a new Global Tracking Item or User Defined Field. [ref: 12506]

Attendance Tracking

  • Receptionist Check-In: If a child was scheduled for more than one classroom in a single day, the last scheduled room became their classroom on the Receptionist screen, regardless of the time of day the child was being checked in. This was fixed so that the classroom used for Receptionist check-in is now the room they are scheduled for at that time of day. [ref: 13123]
  • Check-In Messages: If a child was both currently enrolled and also had an enrollment date in the future, their name would appear multiple times on the Person Selection screen when composing a message to send to your check-in computer. [ref: 13540]
  • Changing from PIN to Fingerprint: Fixed an issue where if a pickup person was orginally registered to check children in using a PIN + password, and then re-registered to use their fingerprint, it could cause the password for next person who registered their fingerprint to no longer work. Everything was fine as long as the second person continued to check in via fingerprint; however, if they chose the Bypass option to use their to PIN + password, they would get an invalid password message. [ref: 13547]

Agency Accounting

  • When adding a new agency, solved an issue where the Exposure screen could choose the first school by default, rather than having you choose the settings yourself. [ref: 11473]

Expenses & Ledger

  • Fixed an issue where a school could be deleted even though it had expenses posted to it from the Expenses & Ledger module of another location. [ref: 13731]

Reports & Data Viewer

  • Data Viewer – Fixed an issue with page breaks where the last row of each section was getting pushed to the top of the next page. For example, if the page break were set to the classroom name, the last child on page 1 would have their information appear at the top of page 2, even though page 2 was for the next classroom. [ref: 13532]
  • Corporate Reports – Fixed a minor issue where the list of report categories was too narrow to fill the screen leaving unexpected white space on the right side of the list. [ref: 12817]
  • Standard Reports – Fixed an issue where, on a fresh installation of Procare, a small number of reports had descriptions that were missing single quote marks or had question marks where single quotes should have appeared. [ref: 13317]

MyProcare New Family Registration (Cloud Customers)

  • If a family included an apostrophe as part of an answer to a question in a text box (a User Defined Field), the apostrophe would be replaced by random characters both in the summary email sent to parents and the center, and also when the child was imported to Procare. [ref: 13545]
  • On the Review & Import screen, when importing new families, fixed an issue where a duplicate person existed but they were not always highlighted on screen—making it challenging to determine who was considered a duplicate. [ref: 10434]
  • Also during Review & Import on the Registration Details screen, fixed a minor issue where clicking in the Gender field for a child did not highlight that child as expected; the highlight incorrectly stayed on the previously selected child. [ref: 12717]