Release dates: April 25, 2019 (non-Cloud) and April 27, 2019 (Cloud)


New! – Improved Headcount Report with Detail (All Customers)

Keep an eye on your class headcounts and available slots with this new report! Get totals for children scheduled and spaces available per classroom for each day of the month. You’ll see summary counts on page 1, with pages 2+ showing detail on each classroom (which days specific children are scheduled). Go to Reports > Standard Reports > Family Data > Classroom Schedule > Detailed Classroom Predictive Enrollment w/ Schedule. Note: This is based on two existing reports allowing you to get both summary and detail without the need to run separate reports. [ref: 16290]

Predictive Enrollment Report

New! – Employee Absent, Tardy Report (Employee Data Customers)

Get insight into employee tardiness, absenteeism, and extra hours. This Time Card Variance report compares scheduled hours to actual time attended and includes staff who were tardy, absent, or worked more or less than their scheduled hours. Go to Reports > Standard Reports > Employee Data > Time Card Summary > Employee Time Card Variance. [ref: 16289]

Editor’s note: This report currently requires Time Card Rounding to be set to something other than “none”; for example, choose 5 minutes or 15 minutes. See: How to Change Time Card Rounding.

Download sample report – Employee Time Card Variance

New! – Unprinted Checks Report (Payroll Customers)

Generate a preview of what will be included on unprinted checks (those that have been posted during the selected dates, but do not have a Print Date). You’ll see gross pay, withholdings, and net pay for each unprinted check. Go to Reports > Standard Reports > Payroll > Company Summary > Simple Withholding Summary (Unprinted Checks). Note: This report includes checks with a Post Date (during the selected range) that do not have a Print Date. [ref: A-367]

Download sample report – Unprinted Checks

New! – Corporate Enrollment Report (Customers with multiple locations)

Quickly see the number of children at each location and enrollment status (wait list, enrolled, withdrawn, etc.) with a last-page summary giving totals across all locations, and ability to drill down for classroom-level detail. From the Procare Home screen, go to Corporate Reports > Standard Reports > Family Data > Child Enrollment > Child Enrollment Summary. [ref: 16270]

Download sample report – Child Enrollment Summary (3 pgs.)

New! – Corporate Aging with Tracking (Customers with multiple locations)

Filter your 30-day corporate aging report by account-level Tracking Categories, so you can run aging on select groups of customers. From the Procare Home screen, go to Corporate Reports > Standard Reports > Family Accounting > Account Aging w/ Tracking > Primary Accounts @ 30 Day Aging. [ref: 14185]

Download sample report – Aging Report grouped by Tracking

New! – Payment-based Royalties Reports (All Customers)

In version 2018.6 we added tuition charge-based royalties reports for franchise locations. In this release we’ve added payment-based reports. So, depending upon your franchise agreement, revenue royalties and advertising fees can be based on tuition charged or payments received. You’ll find them under Reports > Standard Reports > Family Accounting > Charge/Credit Summary. For details see: How to Use the Royalties Report. [ref: 16414]Hint: If you’re not using these reports, you may hide them by going to Report Management.

Enhanced – 12-Month Income Statement (Expenses & Ledger Customers)

Added the 12-month income statement as a Standard Report. Previously, to obtain the report required a special download or assistance from tech support. This monthly income statement shows up to 12 months side-by-side for easy comparison and includes net income (revenue less expenses). You’ll find the report under Reports > Standard Reports > Expenses & Ledger > General Ledger Reports – School > School Income Statement – 12 Months. [ref: 16934]

Download sample report – Income Statement


Reports & Data Viewer

Payroll Reports: Fixed an issue where reports that included both earnings and withholdings could be confusing when checks were posted and printed on different days. The following reports are now consistent so all items go by the day the checks were actually issued (the print date). [ref: A-1308]

Employee Earnings Summary
Simple Withholding Summary
Total Earnings Summary
Total Withholding Summary

Earnings Detail
Employee Earning / Withholding Summary
Employee Payroll Summary

Form 941 Information
Tax Deposit Information

Royalty Reports: Fixed a minor issue where even though these reports are part of Family Accounting, the Select Filter (image below) was for employee information. The filter did not apply to these reports and should not have be shown. [ref: 15122]

MyProcare: Save Payment Card


  • Check-In Receipts, Receipt Printer – Fixed an issue where the Zebra printer would not print a child’s name on a check-in receipt if their name had quotation marks in it. [ref: 13730]
  • Family Accounting – Fixed an issue where the balances on the left side of the screen would disappear when switching to a school that did not have the Family Accounting module and then switching back. [ref: 14966]
  • Data Export – Improved error handling that used to result in “CreateZipFile” errors when using the Import/Export Utility to export extremely large databases. [ref: A-480, A-567]
  • Corporate Organizer tool – Resolved an issue where if the Operations spreadsheet were opened from inside the Procare “extras” folder, it would cause an update loop within Procare itself until the spreadsheet was closed. [ref: 14919]