Release dates: June 11, 2020 (non-Cloud) and evening of June 16, 2020 (Cloud customers)


New! – Easy Password Reset

We’re pleased to announce the release of this much requested feature! Easily reset your password by having a confirmation code sent directly to you by text or email. The next time you log in, you’ll have the opportunity to enter a phone number or email to which a security code may be sent or choose to “skip for now” (image below). See article: Choose Text/Email for Password Reset [ref: 6133]

Password Reset

New! – Child Information Sheet

A great solution to control what information appears on your child info sheets! Customize this new info sheet by adding your own categories; include things like allergies, medical and more. Add up to four categories from Child Tracking and User Defined Fields (image below). You’ll find the report under Reports > Standard Reports > Family Data > Account Information > Child: Information Sheet w/ Categories (Landscape). See article: Customize Your Child Info Sheet [ref: 4292, 5608]

Child Info Sheet: Choose 4 Categories

Download sample report – Child Information Sheet with Categories

New! – Customer Statement with Billing Details

Now it’s easy to show billing calculations to parents right on their statement (image below). This is perfect to show how charges were determined for late pickups, drop-ins, extra hours, and so forth. You’ll find an option to show billing calculations anywhere customer statements are available (emailed, printed, online). See article: Show Billing Details on Customer Statements [ref: 4986]

Show Billing Detail on Email Statements

Download sample report – Customer Statement with Billing Formula Calculation

New! – Bus Run Safety Check Report

Use as your transportation check list to record departure and return times, driver’s signature, and child safety check signature. Go to Reports > Standard Reports > Family Data > Tracking > Child Pickup/Deliver M-F w/Schedule (Safety Check). [ref: 5590]

Download sample report – Bus Run Safety Check

New! – Data View for Health Checks

Use to record health checks (or any information) in a text editor/spreadsheet format that may be imported to Child Log Notes (using a separate utility). Go to Reports > Data Viewer > Family Data > Pickup People and Children. See: Using the Health Check “Extra” Utility. [ref: 6166]

Enhanced – Royalties Reports Enrollment Counts

Added the beginning balance of children enrolled to two reports called Royalties Report with Charge Credit Summary, both the standard one and the “payment” version. You’ll find these under Reports > Standard Reports > Family Accounting > Charge/Credit Summary. See also: How to use Royalties Reports.  [ref: 5547]


Procare Select: Reports & Data Viewer

  • Royalties Report – Fixed an issue where you may have been prompted to enter login information for the database, when running the report named Royalties Report (Payment). [ref: 6163]

Miscellaneous Changes/Fixes

  • Removed Google Authenticator as a password reset option with the release of the new text and email reset options. [ref: 5737]
  • Procare Extras – Fixed an issue where the link to download new Procare Extras went to a page that no longer exists. This occurred when going to Utilities > Procare Extras > Add/Enable Extras. [ref: 6199]
  • Fingerprint Driver – Updated the Client Patch to accommodate new drivers for the fingerprint reader to be used only when directed to do so by the Procare Support Team. [ref: 4601]