Release dates: July 23, 2020 (non-Cloud) and evening of July 28, 2020 (Cloud customers)


New! – Web Apps added to Attendance Sync (Cloud customers with Procare Engage or KidReports)

Check-in times entered through the Procare Select Web App now sync to Procare Engage and KidReports (depending on which engagement solution you are using). This is ideal when you have a staff person using the web-based curbside check-in app on a tablet to check children in/out on behalf of the parent/authorized pickup person. See: Using Procare Web Apps [ref: PCS-229]

Procare Web Apps: Check-In Screen

New! – All New Check-in Interface (Customers using Attendance Tracker)

A brand-new check-in experience is available for parents and staff who use a check-in computer (like the Procare Touch) to check in and out. This optional interface will be turned on by default for new customers and may be turned on for your center by going to Check-In Options > Skin > Procare. Give it a try today! See: Using the New Check-Interface. [ref: PCS-188, PCS-189]

New Check-In Interface

New! – Data Viewer: Child Enrollment Data (All customers)

This new enrollment view gives you insight into your enrollment grouped by the Child Tracking items you have created, like Transportation, Program Name, etc. From the main screen of Family Data & Accounting go to Reports > Data Viewer > Family Data > Child Information Enrollment Data. See also: Using Data Viewer. [ref: PCS-160]

Enhanced – Data Viewer: Billing Box Activity – Enrollment (Customers with multiple locations)

Added three new fields (Standard Rate, Variance, and Schedule Name) which is a great way to see what families are being charged compared to your standard rates (the variance between the two). From the Procare Home screen go to Corporate Reports > Data Viewer > Family Accounting > Billing Box Activity (Enrollment). [ref: PCS-80]


Miscellaneous Changes/Fixes

  • Statements are Double-Spaced: Fixed an issue where Customer Statements had double-spacing which significantly increased the number of pages. [ref: PCS-244]
  • Account Key Missing from Statements: Fixed an issue where the family’s Account Key (typically the first few letters of their last name) was missing from Customer Statements. [ref: PCS-184]
  • Deny Entry Error: Resolved issues with the Deny Entry feature where an “unhandled exception” error occurred when there was only one child in a school or only one child not denied access in a school. [ref: PCS-247]
  • Can’t Connect to Cloud Message: The wording has been improved to make it more clear what may be wrong and what to do in situations where the computer is unable to connect to the Procare Cloud. [ref: PCS-224]