Follow these instructions to activate the Payroll and/or Expenses & Ledger modules.

Before You Begin

You must have Procare version 10.2.4021 (or higher). If you use the Procare Cloud service skip ahead to the Next Section.

  1. From the Procare Home screen click Utilities > Check for Online Update to be sure you have the latest version installed.
  2. You may be instructed to install a patch on your main computer (server). If so you may Download the Server Patch.
  3. If you have a Check In Computer or Time Clock they will also need to be updated.
    1. Open the Check In Program (or Time Clock software) which will automatically update the software to version 10.2 and may prompt you to install a Client Patch. If so click YES and you’ll arrive at a web page to download the Client Patch.
    2. Install the Client Patch on each Check In (or Time Clock) computer.

Update Your License & Activate Your Software

  1. From the Procare Home screen click Configuration > License. You must be logged on as a member of the System Supervisor User Group for this option to be visible.
  2. Click the Update button (lower left).
  3. Your Installation Key and Module License should already be shown. Click Update Online.Note: This will ensure you are properly licensed for the correct modules and number of seats.
  4. When the license update is complete click Save & Exit. You’ll return to the License Configuration screen.
  5. The two columns farthest to the right are labeled PR (for Payroll) and EL (for Expenses & Ledger). Place a check in the PR and/or EL boxes for the appropriate locations. For example you may have two schools but just one license for PR or EL.
    Hint: You can tell how many licenses you have left for each module under the Available Modules section at the bottom of the screen. The numbers for PR and EL will be indicated in the lower right, just above the Save and Exit buttons. Once each has been checked off the available modules will show zero.
  6. Click Save > Exit. Your new modules have been activated.

Next Steps

Converting Your Data

Brand New Conversion?
If you’re still using version 9.1 for all modules (you have never converted before) just follow the standard Conversion Instructions.

Already Converted Family Data & Accounting, Attendance Tracker, etc.?
Important! If you have already converted other modules like Family Data & Accounting be sure not to include them (uncheck them) during the Import Process this time around. The rest of the standard Conversion Instructions still apply.

Already Converted Employees?
If you have previously converted your Employee Data information there is nothing more to convert. Payroll information (from 9.1) cannot be converted separately into your existing Employee Data information (already in v10). Things to consider:

  1. For a short time you may wish to continue issuing checks in version 9.1. Post a Few Paychecks in v10 just to get used to the process. Any practice paychecks may be removed using the Maintenance Utility.
  2. When you’re ready to issue paychecks live in v10 post Year-to-Date Payroll Checks to get everyone up to date.

Convert Accounts Payable & General Ledger
Follow the standard Conversion Instructions to transfer data from the old 9.1 Accounts Payable & General Ledger modules to the new v10  Expenses & Ledger module.
Important! If you have already converted other modules be sure to uncheck them during he Import Process.
See also: Do Vendor Checks & Journal Entries Convert?