Activity Manager – Overview and Set Up Set Up Activity Manager

Use the optional Activity Manager to create a series of activities, classes, camps or programs you may assign to the children. This might be used for classes that have prerequisites, like various levels of swimming, karate or soccer, or it might be used for summer camp, day camp or after school sessions, etc.


You’ll create categories and then add activities (classes) to each category. Once the activities are set up you may assign them to children.

Before You Begin

  1. If you wish to assign locations and specific times of day for activities, you’ll need to be sure the locations, such as “Field 1”, “Main Pool”, “Auxiliary Gym”, etc. are set up as Work Areas. If you want to assign these Work Areas to a separate Department, like “Activities” or “After School Programs”, be sure to Create the Department(s) first.
  2. If you intend to assign fees to activities, be sure you have Charge Description(s) set up and that they have been “Exposed” to the appropriate locations.activities-charge-descript-(1).png

Getting There

From the Procare Home screen go to Configuration > System > Data Management > Scheduling > dbl-click Activities.


Create Categories

At the Activity Categories screen:

  1. Click the top (blank) line and enter the Name of a category, like Soccer, Swimming or Summer Camp. To add a new blank line tap Enter (on your keyboard) twice or click Save.
  2. Prerequisites: If there are no prerequisites use a generic category name, like Soccer. However, if taking any class within the category requires a prerequisite, be sure to enter the prerequisite as its own category; for example, Soccer: Level 1 and Soccer: Level 2.
  3. Optional: Use the green Up/Down Arrows to change the order of the categories as needed.
  4. Once all Activity Categories have been entered, click Save.

Add Activities

Multiple activities (classes) may be entered within each category. The start and end dates (as well as days and times) may overlap.

  1. Click once on the name of the Category to which you wish to add activities, in order to select it, and then click Manage.
  2. At the Activities screen click New.
  3. At the Activity Details screen type a Name for this activity or class, like Intro to Soccer, Beginning Soccer Skills, Intermediate Skills, Rules & Strategy, etc.activity-details-top.png
  4. Optional: Select a Charge Description and enter a Cost if you want this item to automatically be charged to a family account at the time the activity is assigned to a child.
    Note: If a child is assigned to more than one account (as with divorced parents), the account you are on at the time you assign the activity is the account that is charged.
  5. Choose Start and End dates for this activity.
  6. Optional: Enter a class Size Limit. If the class is full, you’ll receive a warning; however, you may still assign children to the activity even when the limit has been reached.
  7. Optional: Type any Comments, such as a class description.
  8. Each activity must have an instructor. Click the drop down arrow on the Add button to choose an Existing Person or New Person. You may add more than one instructor.
  9. Optional: Enter a Schedule for this activity by choosing a Location (Work Area), Day and In / Out times. Use Copy Day to repeat as needed.
    Hint: To activate the Copy Day button click the next blank line below the last entered day.
  10. Click Save > Exit , or, if you wish to use this activity as a starting point for another activity, click Save and then Copy (bottom left).
  11. Continue adding new activities to this category as needed.

Edit / Change Activities

At the Activity Categories screen:

  1. Click once on the name of the category in order to select it and then click Manage.
  2. At the Activities screen dbl-click the activity you wish to edit.
  3. Make any needed changes then click Save > Exit.

Review Selected Activity

At the Activities screen use the Review button to see or print a calendar for the selected activity. See: Activity Review

What’s Next?