For children (and/or staff) whose schedules rotate back and forth you’ll want to use the built-in “advanced” scheduling feature. This allows you to rotate multiple weekly schedules back and forth (automatically) with two or more weeks in rotation.

Getting There

First, you’ll need to configure Procare to use the “advanced” scheduling feature.

  1. From the Procare Home screen go to Configuration > System > Locations & Users > Regions & Schools > Select a Region (or School) and click Set Options.
  2. At the Options screen choose:
    1. Family Data (left side) for child schedules – or –
    2. Employee Data (left side) for staff schedules
  3. Under Standard Options (right side) choose “Advanced” as the Scheduling Type.
  4. Click Save > Exit.


Terms:  A Week in Rotation is any week that repeats in a predictable way. A child with 3 different alternating schedules, would have 3 weeks “in rotation”, such as 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, repeating until the end date.

The Starting Week specifies the week with which the rotation begins. A 3-week rotation starting on week 2, would appear on the calendar as 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, etc.

Using Rotating Schedules

  1. Set the Start Date and End Date for this schedule rotation, for example, the school year.
  2. Set the number of weeks in your rotation. Note: Children (or staff) whose schedule is the same each week (theirs do not rotate) should be set to 1.
  3. Set the Starting Week (the week with which the rotation begins, usually week 1).

Important! If you start with a week other than 1 (for example, 4), and the person has a short period of time for this schedule (for example, the Start and End dates are just 2 weeks apart), then this person will NOT be scheduled—because week 4 will not occur in just 2 weeks of time. If this schedule is for a staff person and you have Scheduled Adherence turned on, they will not be able to check in.

  1. Fill out the daily schedule, beginning with week 1. Proceed through the following weeks until you would start again with week 1. You may enter up to 6 weeks in rotation.

Example 1

The first week the child (or employee) is scheduled MWF from 9am-12pm. Since we want the schedule to begin this way, the Starting Week is set to 1. The second week they are scheduled 5 days from 9am-2pm.  So that the two schedules will alternate every other week, set the Weeks in Rotation to 2.

Example 2

This child  (or employee) is scheduled for MWF, 9am-2pm, one week, and the next week she is not scheduled at all. Again, we intend for this to alternate every other week. Enter the fact that there are 2 weeks in the rotation, but only set the schedule up to include one week.


The image below, from the Review Schedule / Review Activities screen, shows the week on/week off rotation. Bolded calendar days indicate days the child is scheduled. Notice how every other week there are no bolded days, since the child (or employee) is not scheduled.