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Beginning Balances are important. They get each agency (like DHS, DFACS, Head Start, etc.) started with their correct balance so you’ll have complete accounting records for the year.

Agency Balances

Each agency begins with a balance of zero. Start by recording the beginning balances and the total charged so far this year for each family to whom the agency is assigned. This is similar in concept to entering Balances for Families but the payments are recorded separately.

Agency Share of Charges – Year to Date

  1. Look Up an Account (family) for whom this agency pays a share.
  2. Click the Ledger Card icon (on the Account toolbar next to the money bag).
  3. Select the agency ledger (County, State, DHS, etc.) from the drop down list (upper right).
  4. Enter the beginning balance (if any) from the end of last year. If the balance owed by the agency (at that time) was zero – skip this step.
    1. In the Description column choose Balance Forward from the list.
    2. Change the Date to December 31st of the prior year (or the last day of your prior fiscal year, if different).Enter the beginning balance (if any) from the end of last year. If the balance owed by the agency (at that time) was zero – skip this step.
      Note: A System Supervisor may need to adjust the Days Back and Limit Ledger Posting dates settings in the Region & School Options screen to allow a date that far back to be entered.
    3. Enter the amount owed as of that date. This will carry their balance into the new year.
      Note: If they had a credit, enter it as a negative amount.
  5. Enter the total amount charged to the agency (for this family) so far in the current year (fiscal year). You may break it into multiple lines if this family has more than one child.
    1. Choose a Description for the first child like “Tuition Infants”.
    2. Change the Date to a convenient starting point. If you began using Procare in October, then make it the last day of September.
    3. Enter the total Amount charged for that service so far this year (fiscal year).
    4. Repeat for other children in the family.
  6. Click Post & Exit.
  7. Repeat for all families assigned to this agency. Then do the same for any other agencies.

Agency Share of Payments – Year to Date

You’ll use the Agency Payment Posting feature to record the amounts received year to date from each agency. This feature is described in more detail (see: Agency Payment Posting), but for now just follow these steps.

From the main screen of Family Data & Accounting:

  1. Click Functions > Agency Accounting > Agency Payment Posting.
  2. At the Agency Payment Posting screen:
    1. Select the name of the agency from the pull down list (upper right).
    2. Click the View Current button (lower left).
  3. A list of outstanding charges to that agency is displayed.
    1. Choose a Post Date. This is the date the transaction will be recorded. For example if you began using Procare in October make it the last day of September.
    2. Enter a Comment such as “Payments: Year to Date”.
    3. In the Amount box (at the top) enter the total received from this agency so far this year (fiscal year). You can do this as a lump sum for all families combined or it may be easier to enter the amount for just one family at a time.
    4. In the Payment column enter the amount that applies to each row.Example: The agency currently owes 3,500 for a family, but has paid just 3,100. You’ll apply a portion of the 3,100 to each line item for that family to leave a balance of 400.
      • They have paid the balance forward from last year (fiscal year). Show a payment on that line for the full amount, say 100, which leaves 3,000 more to apply.
      • For child “A” they have paid 1,800 and child “B” 1,200. Enter those amounts in the Payment column on the next two lines.
      • Repeat this step for all families shown or just continue for one family if you prefer.
  4. The total at the top of the Payment column must equal the figure entered in the Amount box (payments received so far this year).
  5. When finished click Post & Exit.
    Note: If you’re not ready to post it yet, but want to save your work for later click Save > Exit. This means it will remain part of the Current Posting.
  6. If you chose to record payments one family at a time repeat for the next family. When finished, the agency ledger card for each family will show the year-to-date payment and the remaining balance due.
    Note: The next time you receive a payment from this agency it may be applied to the remaining balance using Agency Payment Posting.

Deposit Reports & Agency Payments

Year-to-date payments from agencies should be closed in their own separate Deposit Report.