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In some cases after converting from Procare version 9.1 you may find some old items shown as though they are due (even though they were paid long ago) while new items show they have been paid (although they have actually not been paid yet). You’ll need to make two adjustments. One to credit off the old amount and another to reverse the current item so it will show as being due.


There was a great deal of complexity involved in converting old agency entries from 9.1 to v10. Certain types of transactions were allowed to be manually posted in 9.1 that are not compatible with v10 such as negative credits, negative charges and voids. During the import process sometimes payments were applied to recent charges, while old items were left as though they had never been paid.

Agency Payment Posting


On the Agency Payment Posting screen click the “View Current” button. you may see an outstanding balance for a family even though the amount presumably was paid long ago, but the current charges they do owe are not shown.


How to Correct

You’ll want to see both the old item(s) and the current item(s) on screen at the same time. This way you can post an adjustment to both old and new so the net effect is zero.

1. Go to the main Agency Payment Posting screen and this time check the box that says “Include previously balanced charges” then click View Current.


Now you should see both the old item(s) (with a balance due) and the recent item(s) which currently show a balance due of zero.

2. Make two adjusting entries:


  1. On the line with the old item due enter an adjustment that will bring the amount due to zero, for this example say that is 100.00. Use an Adjust Code like “Agcy Credit”.
  2. The current item will already show an amount due of zero. To reverse that, enter an adjustment for a negative amount like -100.00. Be sure to use the same Adjust Code as above.
  3. Any date (like today’s date) will work for the Post Date since the two adjustments cancel each other out. The net effect on accounting reports is zero.
  4. Enter a comment like “Correcting Entry”.
  5. Click Post & Exit.

The next time you go to process agency payments the recent item will be back on the list of outstanding charges and the old item will no longer appear.