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When you receive a check from an agency you’ll need to apply the payment to specific charges for each subsidized child.

Before You Begin

You MUST set up Agency Accounting. Follow the steps in the Agency Accounting Overview.

Getting There

From the main screen of Family Data & Accounting click Functions > Agency Accounting > Agency Payment Posting.


Agency Payment Posting

Manage Your Current Agency Posting

  1. At the Agency Payment Posting screen:
    1. Select the name of the agency from the pull down list (upper right).
    2. Click View Current.
  2. A list of outstanding charges to that agency is displayed.
    1. Choose a Post Date. This is the date the transaction will be recorded.
    2. Enter a Comment (usually the check number).
    3. In the Amount box (at the top) enter the total of this agency payment.
    4. In the Payment column enter the individual amount that applies to each child. Dbl-click the amount “Due” to automatically fill in the “Payment” column with the same amount.
      Important! Payments must be applied line by line. Don’t just enter the full amount paid for a family on the first child; be sure to show the amount paid for each child (each line).
      Note: When you click on a line all items associated with that Family Account appear in yellow with totals for that family at the bottom of the screen.
    5. If the payment is not the same as the amount Due, select an Adjust Code to write off the difference or transfer it to the family; the Adjustment amount will automatically be filled in. Or, you may manually enter the adjustment if you don’t want to adjust the full amount of the difference.
      Note: If you choose not to adjust the difference that amount will carry over as a balance due for your next agency payment.
  3. The total at the top of the Payment column must equal the amount of the payment in the Amount box.
  4. When finished click Post & Exit.
  5. Important!Once an agency payment has been posted it cannot be changed.
    Note: If you’re not ready to post it yet, but want to save your work for later click Save > Exit. This means it will remain part of the Current Posting

View / Print a Previously Posted Agency Payment

  1. At the Agency Payment Posting screen:
    1. Select the name of the agency from the pull down list (upper right).
    2. A list of recently posted agency payments will be displayed. Dbl-click the line you wish to view.
  2. You’ll see all items that were part of that agency payment. You may Print this record or Exit.