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In some cases after converting from Procare version 9.1 you may find a “system” entry on the agency ledger card for certain families. This is an automatic correction made ensure that the balance on the agency ledger agrees with the amount owed on the Agency Payment Posting screen. You may need to make an adjustment if the amount due is from a time long ago and is no longer owed.


There was a great deal of complexity involved in converting old agency entries from 9.1 to v10. Certain types of transactions were allowed to be manually posted in 9.1 that are not compatible with v10 such as negative credits, negative charges and voids. During the import process it is sometimes necessary for the system to make a single entry labeled “sys” to make sure that the balance on the agency ledger agrees with the balance on the Agency Payment Posting screen.

Agency Ledger

On agency ledger card for a family you may see an entry with the initials “Sys” indicating it was a system made entry. The date may be the day you imported data from version 9.1 or the date you downloaded an online update to version 10.1 build 3701 or higher.


Agency Payment Posting

On the Agency Payment Posting screen click the “View Current” button and you may see an outstanding balance for that family even though the amount presumably was paid long ago.


In this case you would make a one time adjustment to show the amount is no longer due. Use the date of the original “Sys” entry on the ledger card and enter a comment like “Correcting Entry”.


Once the adjustment has been posted the agency ledger would then show a balance of zero.