You may assign Tracking Items to each child, account, employee or vendor. Tracking Items are set up as part of the System Configuration and may be used for things like: income level ranges, marketing, marital status, parent volunteers, bus runs, programs, activities, field trips, allergies, developmental milestones, ethnicity, completion of paperwork or permission slips, etc.

Before You Begin

Start by creating tracking categories and the items with each category you wish to track. See: Set Up Tracking

Getting There

Look Up a Family/Child, employee or vendor.

Assign Tracking to a Child or Account

  1. Click the Tracking icon (looks like a list) on the toolbar of the account, child, employee or vendor.
  2. If a tracking item you just added is not displayed, return to exposure settings and expose the item to your school.
  3. Check off the items that apply to this person or account.
  4. Click Save > Exit.

Report on Tracking

There are several ways to generate reports based on tracking:

  • ┬áStandard tracking reports such as those found under Reports > Standard Reports > Family Data > Tracking.
  • Using the Filter on other reports (like Rollcall Sheets) to include only persons assigned a particular tracking item or items.
  • Create your own list using Data Viewer. Start with a typical view like “Child Information (Tracking)”.