Documents in .pdf format may be linked to a family account, child (or employee). This may be used to keep an electronic paper trail of important documents related to the family – for example: a copy of their registration paperwork, rate sheet agreement, state agency forms, etc.

Getting There

Look Up a Family/Child, employee or vendor and click the Documents icon (filing cabinet) on the account, child or employee toolbar.

Attach a New Document

  1. At the Documents screen click Add (lower left).
  2. Browse to the location of the .pdf (button with the 3 dots) and select the file.
  3. Once the file to add is listed you may:

    1. Optional: Check the Restricted box to allow only certain persons to view this file (based on their User Group).
    2. Optional: Click the PDF View button to see the document on screen.
    3. Required: Click Add to place the file in your database.
  4. The new PDF will be listed on the Documents screen. The Description (name) of the document will default to the name of the original .pdf file. You may change the Description by typing over it.
  5. Click Save > Exit.
    Note: When a document is added it is imported into the Procare database. It is not linked to the original .pdf file. The original file could be changed, moved, or deleted and it would not affect the document within Procare.
    Important! The SQL Express Edition database (included with Procare) is limited to a size of 4 GB. Adding many large files may bloat your database causing unexpected results. Most scanners let you choose the level of document compression. Choose a setting that results in a small file size, especially for documents that will be attached to a large number of children or families. The maximum size of a single  .pdf is set by default to 5 MB, although this may be modified if needed using a special Support File Download.

View, Print, Change Description or Change Restricted Status of an Existing Document

  1. At the Documents screen:
  2. To view or print dbl-click the date added (not the Description) of the document. The .pdf will open on screen.
  3. To change the Description just type over it.
  4. If you are allowed to view restricted documents you may change the Restricted status by checking the box (to make a document restricted) or unchecking it (to remove the restriction).
  5. If you have made changes click Save > Exit.