Attendance Tracker lets you record hours for children and/or staff (with Employee Data), charge attendance based fees, and import staff hours to Payroll Checks. You may send messages to parents when they check children in and display recent accounting history, immunizations due, etc.

Time Cards & Ways to Check In

You’ll need to know the basics about how Child Time Cards work and the various methods for checking children in and out.

Get Ready to use a Check-In Computer

  1. Begin by setting the center’s Time Card Options in the Family Data portion of Configuration. If employees will be checking in, also configure the Employee Data portion.
  2. On each child’s Information & Relationships screen, make sure the Pickup box is checked for parents / pickup people, and the Child Check-In Requirements are completed.  If employees are also checking in, make sure the Employee Check-In Requirements are complete.
  3. Assign Temporary Registration Numbers to the authorized pickup people for children.
  4. Set up Check-In Options at the check-In computer.
  5. Have families/employees use their temporary registration numbers to Register at the Check-In Computer.

Other Things You May Want to Do