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Automated Formula Billing requires the Attendance Tracker module and charges fees based on attendance, such as: hourly rates, half/full day fees, overtime, late pick ups, etc. Fees are determined based on Billing Formulas assigned to each child’s Billing Box and posted to the Ledger Card. Once Formula Billing is complete, each appropriate family (or agency) will have a balance due on their account.

Rounded Time

Formula billing is affected by whether the in/out times which appear on Child Time Cards are rounded or not. Time entered from a check-in station is usually rounded, while time entered directly within Procare is not. See: When does Rounding Apply?

Getting There

From the main screen of Family Data & Accounting go to Functions > Family Accounting > Automated Billing Procedures > Formula Billing.

Hint: Do you offer drop in care? Learn about the Drop In Formula Billing feature.

Process Formula Billing

  1. Mark the Billing Formula(s) (right side) you wish to process at this time, like “Hourly (Overtime)” or “After Hours Pickup”.
  2. Choose a Post Date (left side). This is the date the transaction will be recorded on the Account Ledger Card. If you are billing for last week, you’d pick a date like last Friday to indicate the week for which you are charging.
  3. Enter a Date Range by clicking the small button with the 3 dots. These are the dates for which you want to bill. For example, if you are charging late pick up fees for last week, use last week as the Date Range.
  4. Optional: Enter a Comment if needed. In most cases you’ll leave it as [Comment], which will use the individual comment from each child’s Billing Box. Check the box “Include Child’s Name in Comment” if you want the name of each child to be added to the comment.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select the accounts you wish to process. Place a check in the column header to select all accounts or click just to the right of the check box to sort according to which families are selected and which are not.
    Hint: Dbl-click the Amount (or anywhere on the line) to view a summary of the hours and rate.
  7. Click Post > Exit.

View or Void a Previous Formula Billing

  1. At the Automated Formula Billing screen a list of recent billing batches will be displayed under the heading “Automated Formula Billing History”. Dbl-click the line you wish to view or void.
  2. At the Batch Detail screen you’ll see all items that were part of that batch. You may print a Report showing what items were part of the batch or, If needed, void the entire batch at once – just click Void Batch. A void will appear on each Ledger Card that was included in the batch.
  3. Click Exit to return to the main Formula Billing screen. Click Exit again.