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Charge a one time fee to all families that are part of a selected group such as those with children in a particular classroom or who have a certain tracking category assigned to them.

Getting There

At the main screen of Family Data & Accounting click Functions > Family Accounting > Automated Billing Procedures > Selected Account Billing.

Process Selected Account Billing

  1. At the Automated Selected Account Billing  screen use the Select Filter to choose categories of families to include. This billing filter begins by matching the Account Filter currently selected at the main Family Data screen although you may change it as needed.
  2. Choose a Post Date. This is the date the transaction will be recorded on the Account Ledger Card.
  3. Select a Ledger Card to be charged. In most cases this will be the Primary Account Ledger (for each family) although you could select a Third Party Agency as needed.
  4. Choose a Description for the charge like field trip or summer camp.
  5. Enter an Amount. This will be the default amount for all selected families, which you can later adjust for particular families if needed. If you have the filter set to filter by child, you will see an option for split amount, which evenly splits the charges if a child is on more than one payer account. Divorced Parents would have the charge split 50/50 under this option.
  6. Enter a Comment to further describe this item if needed. If you are using the Child as the filter, you can check the box “Include Child’s Name in Comment”.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Select the accounts you wish to process and make any necessary changes to the Amount column. If a child is on two different accounts, both accounts will show up.
  9. Click Post. Then Exit.

View or Void a Previous Contract Billing

  1. At the Automated Selected Account Billing  screen a list of recent billing batches will be displayed under the heading Automated Selected Account Billing History. Dbl-click the line you wish to view or void.
  2. At the Batch Detail screen you’ll see all items that were part of that batch. You may print a Report showing what items were part of the batch or, If needed, void the entire batch at once – just click Void Batch. A void will appear on each Ledger Card that was included in the batch.
  3. Click Exit to return to the main Selected Account Billing screen. Click Exit again.