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Choose bank accounts from the assets previously set up in your Chart of Accounts.

Getting There

  1. From the Procare Home screen click Configuration > System.
  2. Go to Accounting Management > dbl-click Bank Accounts.

Choose Bank Accounts

Select assets from your Chart of Accounts to use as actual bank accounts.

  1. If your bank account assets are not already listed add them by clicking the top (blank) line and select them, one at time, from the drop down list of Account Numbers. Then tap Enter a few times until a new blank line appears.
    Note: If this is a checking account (and you’ll be issuing checks from Procare) mark the appropriate box and enter the last used check number.
  2. Use the Up & Down arrows to change their order as needed then click Save > Exit.

Go to Deposit Accounts

Next you’ll want to Exit from Bank Accounts and go to the Deposit Accounts section of System Configuration.