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Basic installation includes how to install Procare on a single computer or a standard Local Area Network (LAN) with a main computer (peer server) and individual client computers (workstations).

Will you be using Tuition Express?

Important Notice!
Before setting up your Tuition Express service you are REQUIRED to review the Tuition Express Implementation Guide.

What Type of Installation?

Single Computer

If you have just one computer you’ll choose a Full Install of all necessary components.

Multiple Computers

If you have more than one computer (on a standard “peer” network) you’ll begin at the main computer (the one that will host your database) and do a Full Install. Then you’ll go to each individual workstation (the computers where you’ll use Procare) and install the Client software.

Your Own SQL Server or Apps Server

When installing Procare to your own SQL Server or other dedicated server (like an applications server) see the Advanced Install article.

Procare Cloud

If Procare is hosting your data you’ll receive separate instructions for installing the Procare client and VPN client software.

Check-In Computer

If this computer will be used for child and/or employee check in see Check-In Computer instructions.

Procare Touch Computer

If you have a Procare Touch Computer you’ll want to see the Special Instructions for Procare Touch.

Before You Begin

Check that all Windows Updates have been installed. Log on to the computer with local “Administrator” privileges and close all programs.

Start the Installation

  1. Download the installer.
    1. Full Install: Choose this option for your main computer. This might be your only computer or the primary computer on your network (sometimes known as a “peer server”).
    2. Client Computer / Workstation: Network computer where you run Procare and enter information or allow families / staff to check in/out. This computer must be networked to your main computer to function.Follow the on screen instructions clicking Next until you reach the Quick Setup screen then choose a “role” for this computer based on how it will be used and click Next.
      Note: If the installation program finds the Procare licensing service / database on your network it will automatically select the Client install for you.
  2. Enter the Installation Key number found in your “Welcome to Procare” email. If you are installing on a Client machine, this step will be skipped.
    Note: Procare will automatically attempt to download the current module license. If you are not online, uncheck the box and Contact Support for assistance.
  3. Continue following the on screen instructions, clicking Next as appropriate.
    Note: When doing a client install you’ll be asked if families or employees will be checking in/out from this computer. If you answer “yes”, a separate Check In shortcut will be created on the desktop.
  4. When the installation is complete click Finish. A Procare shortcut will appear on your desktop. You may also have a second shortcut for Procare Check In.
  5. Optional: If you have additional computers that will run Procare, proceed with the installation on each of them, as needed.

Your Next Steps

Once Procare is installed you’ll want to Log In for the First Time then continue with the Quick Start Steps.

Windows Power Options

Computers are often set for the hard disk, network card, etc. to turn off after a period of time. Procare strongly advises choosing high performance settings so the computer (and its components) do not go to sleep. See: Power Options for Windows