Before you Begin

  1. We recommend you run Payroll Check Calculation manually for a few pay periods before using the batch method. This will insure that you have cleared up any possible issues with employee check calculations, and have an idea of expected results.
  2. Use the Filter icon to include only employees for whom you wish to calculate paychecks, such as All Employees whose Employment Status was “Currently Employed” as of the beginning of that pay period.


Getting There

From the main screen of Employee Data & Payroll go to Functions > Batch Payroll Check Calculation.

Using Batch Payroll

  1. At the first screen:
  2. pr-batch-pay-period

    1. Select the Pay Period to be processed.
    2. Select the Post Date for the payroll checks.
    3. Confirm the Checkbook.
    4. Click Next.
  3. On the second screen, a list of employees appears.
  4. pr-batch-pr-calculation

    1. Recommended: Run a “before” report (Report button lower left) to get an list of all employees being processed, their withholdings (if the check can be processed), or what needs to be corrected for the check to be processed.
    2. Optional: Dbl-click the colored icon for a specific employee to see the reason the check cannot be batch processed.
      • GREEN = can be processed.
      • RED = something is set up incorrectly for that employee.
      • YELLOW = requires manual processing.
    3. Place a check in the top right to select all GREEN lines for posting (or checkmark individual lines).
    4. Once your selections are made, click the Post & Print Later button.
    5. Optional: Enter a batch comment (depending on your setup, this may appear on the check).
    6. Recommended: Run an “after” report of checks posted (Report button lower left).
    7. Click Exit.
  5. For any lines that were YELLOW, you’ll need to individually Calculate Checks.
  6. Once you’re done with the calculations, you MUST choose one the options below to finish processing the paychecks.
    1. Batch Print Payroll Checks
    2. Direct Deposit