Print checks for all employees (or vendors) at once. In order to print a batch you must choose the “Post & Print Later” option (on the Summary tab) when recording the individual checks.

Before You Begin

If the printer you’ll use for checks is not the same as your normal default printer in Windows be sure to select it at the Machine Specific Options screen.

Getting There

Batch printing may be done for payroll or vendor checks:

  1. Paychecks: From the main screen of Employee Data & Payroll click Functions > Batch Print Checks.
  2. Vendor Checks: From the main screen of Expenses & Ledger click Functions > Batch Print Checks.

Print All Selected Checks

At the Batch Print Checks screen:

  1. Choose a Print Date (top left). This is the date the item is paid.
  2. Select a Check Book (top center) to see checks waiting to be printed from that account.
  3. The Starting With check number (top right) is based on the last check posted. Confirm this is the first check number in the stack of checks placed in your printer.
    Note: Each printed check will automatically advance one check number. For example, if you started at 1000 the second check would be 1001, the third 1002, and so on.
  4. Select the checks you wish to print, either one at a time, or by clicking the check box at the top of the column to select them all.
  5. Optional: Check the Complete Posting Check Number, DO NOT Print box (bottom left) to record the check numbers only (and remove items from this screen) without printing any actual checks.
  6. Optional: Check Prompt After Each Check (bottom left) if you wish to confirm that each check printed successfully one by one. This allows you to reprint a single check, if needed, but you will be asked multiple times, once for each check.
  7. Click Print Checks (bottom right) to begin printing. You’ll be asked if all checks printed successfully. If not, answer No, enter the appropriate check number and try again. As an alternative, consider the “prompt after each check” option above.
  8. Once all checks have been printed, click Exit.
    Note: You may view a list of checks in the Payroll Check Register or Vendor Check Register.