Select items which are benefits from your list of Pay Codes such as vacation, sick, holiday, etc. Benefit codes are used to help you Track Benefit Hours for each employee.

Before You Begin

Set up Pay Codes for anything that will be a benefit such as Vacation, Sick Time, Unpaid Absence, Bereavement, etc. Then you’ll select the codes that are benefits as explained below.

Getting There

  1. From the Procare Home screen click Configuration > System.
  2. Go to Accounting Management > Employee Data > dbl-click Benefit Codes.

Benefit Codes

  1. To create a new Benefit Code:
    1. Click the top (blank) line and select an existing Pay Code from the list like “Vacation”.
    2. Enter the percentage at which benefits for this pay code are paid, typically 100% of their normal hourly rate. Their normal rate is determined by the Hourly Pay Code checked for Benefits on the Employee Pay Rate screen.
      Hint: To record unpaid time off make a benefit code such as “Unpaid Absence” set to zero percent (paid out at 0% of their normal hourly rate).
    3. If you’d like the total hours remaining for this benefit to appear on payroll check stubs, place a mark in the Check Stub box (requires Payroll module). This is useful for vacation and sick time, but not for things like holidays, where you typically do not accrue and use hours.
      If the Check Stub column is marked, the hours remaining will appear on the stub (image below).
  2. Click Save or tap Enter (on your keyboard) until a new blank line appears and continue adding new Benefit Codes.
  3. Use the Up & Down arrows to change their order as needed, then click Save > Exit.