Sometimes, not everyone is able to use the fingerprint reader reliably. Some people may have Fingerprints that Cannot be Read even after following the recommended Cleaning Procedures for the reader. For this reason, bypass must be selected and the person needs to be re-registered.

Before you Begin

Make certain you have selected Allow Bypass in the Check-In Options screen.

Re-Register the Person

  1. Go to the Information & Relationships screen of the child whose pickup person who needs to use Bypass (or the Employee’s Information & Relationships screen).
  2. Next:
    1. For a pickup person, dbl-click their name to access their Person Information screen.
    2. For an employee, go to the next step.
  3. Click the New Register button to generate a temporary Registration Number for this person.
  4. Give this Registration Number to the pickup person (or employee). Have them use their number to Register at the check-in computer.

At the Check-In screen

  1. Select the Register button.
  2. When prompted for a fingerprint, select Bypass.
  3. Enter a Person ID and choose Next.
  4. Enter a Password and choose Enter.

Now the person may choose Bypass and check in with their Person ID and Password.