Use the calendar reminder to alert you to things that need to be done, appointments, meetings, etc. You may create reminders for yourself or other Procare Users (staff members) who are at or below the User Group level to which you are assigned. This allows you to set up reminders for an assistant to act as their “to do” list for the day.

Getting There

You may access the Remind feature from several places. If you wish to view your active reminders for the day or want to manage/edit existing reminders then it doesn’t matter which of the following screens is your starting point. However, when creating new reminders it is often best to start from a particular place.

  • Begin at the main screen of Family Data & Accounting to create a reminder regarding¬† a particular family or child. You may also enter any type of reminder even one that is unrelated to a family.
  • Begin at the main screen of Employee Data & Payroll to create a reminder regarding a particular staff member. You may also enter any type of reminder even one that is unrelated to an employee.
  • From the Procare Home screen you may create any type of reminder, but you won’t be able to automatically paste in information for any particular family, child or employee.

Add a New Reminder

  1. If this reminder is related to a particular family, child or employee Look Them Up in the appropriate module (like Family Data & Accounting).
  2. Click the Reminders menu (at the top) and select Create Reminder.
  3. Select a Reminder Date, the date this reminder will be activated.
  4. Choose a Recipient, the person who will see this reminder.
    • Each reminder is sent to the one recipient you specify. To send a reminder to multiple people it would be necessary to create a new reminder for each person.
    • You may select yourself or any other Procare User assigned to a User Group at or below your level. For example, you could create a reminder for your assistant.
  5. In the Regarding box enter who or what this item is regarding. If this item is related to the family, child or employee whose name is displayed on the screen behind the reminder you’ll want to:
    1. Right-click in the Regarding box.
    2. Choose Paste Information.
    3. Choose the account as a whole, a payer (parent) on the account, a child, or the employee.
      Note: The prefix “S1” or “S2”, etc. will appear next to the name of the person. This indicates which School Location the person is in, for example “S1” means school #1 (location #1). This is helpful if you use Procare to manage multiple locations.
  6. In the Comments box type any other details about what you want to remember.
  7. Click Save > Exit.

View Current Reminders

If you have reminders for the current day a calendar with a bell will appear in the upper RH corner of the main Procare screens like Home, Family Data & Accounting and Employee Data & Payroll. It will flash with a red outline, every few seconds, if you have any active reminders.

  1. Click the calendar / bell icon to view your current reminders.
  2. Use the arrow right / arrow left buttons to move through the reminders.
  3. You may make a change to a reminder (then click Save) or Delete a reminder you no longer need.

Manage Reminders

  1. From the Reminders menu select Manage Reminders. You’ll see a list of reminders that were created by you or that have you as the Recipient.
  2. To change an existing reminder dbl-click the reminder and make your changes then click Save > Exit.
  3. To add a new reminder click New and follow the steps above for adding a new reminder.
    Hint 1: To sort by reminder date click the “Reminder” heading. To sort by date created click the “Created” heading.
    Hint 2: To view only reminders for a particular recipient (or those created by a particular person) click the “Recipient” or “Created By” heading and select the tiny filter (funnel) icon in the upper right of the heading. Select the initials of the person. Other reminders will then be hidden from view.
    Hint 3: Use the Refresh button to view any new reminders set for you by someone else. This is only necessary if reminders are added while you are on the Manage Reminders screen.

Reassign Reminders

You may transfer all reminders for one Procare User to another user. This may be useful if a staff person leaves and you need to have all their reminders go to someone else.

  1. You must log on as a member of the System Supervisor User Group.
  2. From the Procare Home screen click Supervisor Utilities > Reassign Reminders.
  3. Select the name of the person you want to transfer the reminders to, then click the blue arrow (pointing to the right) to add them to the Primary User list.
  4. Select the name of the person you want to transfer the reminders from, then click the blue arrow (pointing to the right) to add them to the Merge List.
  5. Click Process. The Count column (showing of the number of reminders assigned to each person) will be updated.