Use Procare’s CDD-801A utility to export a file from Procare that may be imported to your State of California CDD-801A online form.

Resources for Information Required by the Form:

Before You Begin

  • You must Set Up a Child Tracking Item and Assign the Tracking to children who participate in the program. The Tracking Item should be named something like  “CDD801A”. Remember to Expose it to the desired schools, if you used a Global Tracking item.
  • You must have Procare version 10.2.5051 or higher.
  • You must have the Attendance Tracker module.

Download the CDD801A “Extra”

  1. Log on to your computer with local administrator privileges and close all programs, including Procare.
  2. Download
  3. When installation is complete, restart Procare.

Getting There

From the Procare Home screen go to Utilities > Procare Extras > California CDD-801A.

First Time Setup

You will immediately see the following screen, where you may choose to have the program create the default User Defined Fields needed for the form.

You have the option to:

  1. Select Yes and then:
    1. The fields are created for you.
    2. You must Expose the Newly Created User Defined Fields to the desired Regions and Schools. You will need to do this for every field required by the form.
    3. Enter and Save the information in the User Defined Fields for Each Account and Child.
  2. Or, select No if you wish to enter one-time information directly on the CCD-801A screen. Information entered in this way will not be saved, so typically this is not recommended.

Running the CDD-801A Program the First Time

  1. To export the initial file, go to Utilities > Procare Extras > California CDD-801A.
  2. Enter the Provider and Client information (top half) in accordance with the state rules. Below is a sample of what your initial screen might look like.
    Hint: Hold your mouse over a particular box for a helpful tooltip.
  3. Optional: If at least some families do not yet have an FICN number, check the box “Use Procare ID as Default FICN“. This will use Procare’s internal Person ID for the child’s Primary Payer (image below). For families that already have an FICN number, you should have previously entered it in their User Defined Fields screen. The number you entered will be used, even if the box is checked.
    Hint: Leaving the box unchecked is appropriate when all families already have an FICN number.
  4. Once you have the top half of the form completely entered correctly according to the rules, the Load button will be available. To display all the eligible children in the Region, select the tracking item identifying the children for the report, and click Load.

Exporting the File

  1. Upon selecting Load (see above), all children in the region will be displayed. Names shown in pink require a correction before that child may be submitted. “Mouse over” the far left edge of the row (image below) to see items that need attention.
  2. Repeat the steps below until you have corrected all the items for each child. You may work in Procare itself at the same time as the CDD-801A form.
    1. “Mouse over” and note what needs to be corrected.
    2. Click on Procare itself, go to the appropriate family, and correct the User Defined Fields as needed.
      Note: Although you may enter information directly on the CCD-801A screen, it is a one-time change and will not be saved for the next report.
    3. Go back to the CCD-801A screen and click Clear (lower right).
    4. Select the Load button (right side), to update the form with the revised information from Procare.
    5. When the child’s line is no longer pink, check the box (left side) to include them in the export file.
  3. When all desired children are correctly entered and selected, click Export (bottom right) and choose a name and location for the file.
  4. Follow the directions from your state for how to import the file to their website.
    Important! The default state median income numbers are a starting point only. The state may alter those ranges at any point in time, in which case you would need to adjust them.