How do I Cancel my Cloud Service?

We’re happy to help  with whatever you need! Please email or call 800-338-3884 extension 2216 and we’ll reach out to you to assist with your questions.

May I Access Data Once Service is Discontinued?

  • Bundle Customers: Your access to data ends once service is discontinued.
  • Perpetual License Customers:
    • If you have a perpetual software license (rather than a bundle), you will receive an export file with your data. You’ll use this file to import the data to your own computer (see steps below). If you have more than one location set up in Procare, you’ll receive a separate export file for each.
    • YOU MUST MOVE YOUR DATA to YOUR COMPUTER. You will no longer have access to it in the cloud.

Move Data to Your Own Computer

These steps apply only if you have a perpetual software license. They do not apply to bundle customers.

  1. Uninstall the Procare Cloud Client (required) from ALL Procare Computers.
    1. Use the Add/Remove Programs feature of Windows. Depending on the version of Windows you have this may be found in a location like: Start > Control Panel > Programs & Features.
    2. Remove “Procare” (required).
  2. Next, install a local edition of Procare on your computer/network.
    1. Go to
    2. Choose to Run setup.exe (this may appear at the bottom of your screen).
    3. Say Yes to allow Procare to make changes to the computer.
    4. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.
  3. and Log In for the First Time with a username of admin and password also of admin. Follow the on-screen prompts to change your password and select your personal Security Questions.
  4. Set up the name of your location(s) within Region & School Settings.
  5. Use the License Configuration screen to enable the Procare modules (Family Data, Family Accounting, etc.) you want to use at each location.
  6. If you have Tuition Express, see how to get ready to Import Tuition Express.
  7. As a precaution Make a Backup (a “clean”, blank backup with no data). This will help you recover if you accidentally import the same location twice, etc.
  8. Import Your Data for each location from the file(s) we sent you.
  9. Important! Some settings are not imported and will need to be re-established. See: Settings that Don’t Export/Import
  10. After importing you may have items with very similar names, for example, if you had “Infants” as a default classroom and your import file included “Infant” (without an “s”). Use Configuration Merge to clean up this situation by combing the two together.