Determine how items will be printed on checks and which items to include. This article applies both to payroll checks and checks issued to vendors through the Expenses & Ledger module. The printer is chosen separately at the Machine Specific Options screen of each computer.

Getting There

From the Procare Home screen click Configuration > System > Accounting Management and then:

  1. For payroll check settings go to Payroll > dbl-click Check Printing Setup.
  2. For vendor check settings go to Expenses & Ledger > Check Printing Setup.

Check Printing Setup

At the Check Printing Setup screen:

  1. Choose a Check Style and Font Size (top left). If the check is in the middle of the sheet choose “Stub CHECK Stub” format. If the check is at the top choose “CHECK Stub Stub”.
    Note: The font size affects the check itself not the stubs.
  2. You may change the position of an item that will print on the check (like the Employee’s Name) as follows:
    1. To move an item click and drag it with your mouse.
    2. Optional: There may be some items you do not wish to print on the check (like the Social Security Number 999-99-9999).To delete an item click once to select it, then click the Delete button.
    3. Optional: Additional items may be added to the check. For example we may want the employee’s name to appear twice. Once on the “Pay To” line and once above their address. Click the Check Items list (top right) and choose an item like Employee Name. The new item appears in the top left corner. Just drag it to the appropriate position.
    4. Use Print Sample to print a test on plain paper until each item is properly aligned with your checks.
    5.  Optional: To start over, use Reset Defaults to place every item on the check back to the original, default position.
  3. Click Save > Exit.