Use the Time Card to view a child’s clock in times or make manual entries and corrections.

Getting There

  1. Look Up the family and click once on the name of the child to select them.
  2. Click the Time Card icon (clock) on the child’s toolbar.

Child Time Cards – Add / Change a Entry

  1. To enter a new line, the previous line must have both a Time In and Out.
    1. Click the bottom (blank) line and select a Classroom.
    2. Confirm the Date In and Time In which default to the current date and time. Make changes as needed.
    3. Optional: If you’re ready to add check “out” information select a Date Out then confirm the Time Out which defaults to the current time. Make changes as needed.
    4. Click Save.
  2. If the line just entered has both a Time In and Out you may continue adding additional lines clicking Save after each one.

      1. Hold your mouse (hover) over the far left side of the line to see the total hours for that line.

      1. Click Show Rounding to see in / out times rounded then click Show Actual to toggle back to the exact time. Rounding may be set by a System Supervisor at the Regions & Schools Options screen.

      1. Use the Audit button to view a history of all changes on the Time Card.


    1. Use Copy Day or Copy Week to quickly repeat information. Click on a new blank line then click Copy Day or Copy Week.
  3. When finished, click Exit.

Enter Time for a Prior Day

If the child is currently checked in and you need to enter time from a previous day, use the Batch Post Child Time Card function. You cannot manually enter a new line on the Time Card while a person is currently checked in.