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Use the graduation feature to move children from one primary classroom to another. For example you may want to move all (or most) of the children currently in Pre-Kindergarten to the regular Kindergarten room at the start of the school year.

Getting There

From the main screen of Family Data & Accounting click Functions > Family Data > Classroom Graduation.

Move Children from Old to New Classroom

At the Primary Classroom Graduation screen:

  1. Sort the list of children by clicking a heading at the top like Name, Status or Old Classroom, etc. (optional).
  2. Filter the list so only certain children are displayed such as only those whose Status is “Enrolled” or those in a particular “Old Classroom”. To do so click the tiny funnel/filter icon in the upper right of a heading like Status or Old Classroom (optional).
  3. Select a New Classroom for the first child who is changing rooms.
    Note: “Old Classroom” refers to their current class while “New Classroom” is the class to which they are moving.
  4. If all (or most) children from that child’s old class are moving to the same new classroom click the Move All button (lower left). The new class will then be displayed for those children. You may manually change the New Classroom for an individual child if needed, for example you could change it back to their old class if they are not moving.
  5. Continue selecting New Classrooms and using the Move All button as needed. If a child is not changing rooms just leave their new class blank, or select the same class as their old one.
    Note: The changes do not take effect until you click Save.
  6. When you are finished click Save > Exit.