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In most cases, the Network Door Controller should be connected to your router; however, there may be times when that is not feasible and it is necessary to connect directly to your computer using a standard network cable.

When to Connect to Your Computer

If it is not physically possible to connect the Network Door Controller to your router, it can be connected directly to your computer, but only when:

  • Your check-in computer uses a wireless network connection and has an available ethernet/RJ-45 network port. This would be the case with a wireless Procare Touch computer or most laptops.
  • Or, if your check-in computer is not wireless, but does have two network adapters, meaning two ethernet/RJ-45 network ports. This is not common.

Not recommended for Procare Cloud

If you use the Procare Cloud service, connecting to your router is strongly preferred. Connecting directly to your computer results in a minimum delay of 2 minutes each time you start Procare. This is because a direct connection causes your local network to be checked first for a License Service, which means the program must wait for this search to “time-out” before it can connect to Procare Cloud.

Random address change (APIPA address)

Another disadvantage of connecting to your computer, rather than to the router, is that If the Door Controller loses power (or its network connection), it will randomly select an APIPA network address when it restart/reconnects. This address may not be the same as before. If the address doesn’t match what is stored in Procare, you will need to go to the Hardware section of the Check-In Options screen to reselect the Door Controller. See: Install / Set Up Network Door Controller

How to Connect to Your Computer:

To connect the Network Door Controller to your computer use a standard network cable, available at most computer stores.

  1. Connect one end of the standard network cable to the Network Door Controller.
  2. Connect the other end to the ethernet (network) jack on your check-in computer. Do NOT connect it to a jack labeled Com1 or Com2, etc.

What’s Next?

Continue with the standard instructions to set up the software options. See: Install / Set Up Network Door Controller