Having parents check children in without physically touching a shared screen is important. One option that works well for Procare Touch screen computers (or any touch screen) is to use a pencil eraser or rubber-tipped stylus that can be sanitized.

Contactless Check-in Using Pencil/Stylus

Before You Begin

Since parents will not be using their fingerprint, you will need to follow the process to bypass fingerprints.

Parents will complete the registration process with the stylus, from then on they’ll check their children in and out using a PIN and Password.

Selecting a Stylus

  1. In many cases, the eraser on a standard pencil will work on your touchscreen.
    Standard Eraser-tipped Pencil
  2. If not, obtain a small sample of styluses to confirm they work on your device (“capacitive” type should be best).
    Rubber-tipped Stylus
  3. Once you have a sample that works, get enough pencils or stylus pens that you can set a supply of them next to the Procare Touch. Set them up so that a parent only has to touch theirs when they pick it up. Label one container “clean” and the other “used”. As often as needed, sanitize the used pens to reuse.